Bira dos Namorados

Adapt Covid-19

Adapt Covid-19

The Adaptar Covid-19 project, financed by Portugal2020, had as its main objective the adaptation of Bira dos Outubro's restaurants to the new conditions imposed by the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The investments considered necessary made it possible to adjust the methods of organizing work and relationships with customers and suppliers, in order to guarantee compliance with established standards and recommendations from the competent authorities.

In addition to the investment made within the scope of Adaptar Covid-19, it is important to highlight that Bira dos Outubro prepared and implemented a Contingency Plan at the beginning of March 2020 that has been periodically reevaluated. Adding to this fact, all the human resources policies that were already underway (namely the flexibilization of work and work-family reconciliation).

Project Name: Bira dos Valentinos – everything will be fine
Project code: NORTE-02-08B9-FEDER-055428
Main Objective: Strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs
Intervention Region: North
Beneficiary Entity: Bira dos Outubro, lda
Approval date: 07/06/2020
Start date: 05/20/2020
Completion date: 03/31/2021
Total eligible cost: 31,470.50 euros
European Union co-financing: ERDF – 15,735.00 euros
Strategic objectives: Adaptation of economic activity to the new context created by Covid-19

Objectives and expected results:

  • Readaptation of the two restaurant spaces (Braga and Porto)

  • Costs for reorganizing and adapting workplaces and the layout of rooms and restaurants

  • Acquisition and installation of hygiene equipment and automatic disinfectant dispensing

  • Acquisition and installation of other control and physical distancing devices

  • Acquisition and placement of information and guidance for employees and the public